rootpy.plotting.utils: Plotting Utilities


plotting.utils.draw(plottables[, pad, same, …]) Draw a list of histograms, stacks, and/or graphs.
plotting.utils.get_limits(plottables[, …]) Get the axes limits that should be used for a 1D histogram, graph, or stack of histograms.
plotting.utils.get_band(low_hist, high_hist) Convert the low and high histograms into a TGraphAsymmErrors centered at the middle histogram if not None otherwise the middle between the low and high points, to be used to draw a (possibly asymmetric) error band.
plotting.utils.find_all_primitives(pad) Recursively find all primities on a pad, even those hiding behind a
plotting.utils.canvases_with(drawable) Return a list of all canvases where drawable has been painted.
plotting.utils.tick_length_pixels(pad, …) Set the axes tick lengths in pixels