class rootpy.plotting.Pad(xlow, ylow, xup, yup, color=-1, bordersize=-1, bordermode=-2, name=None, title=None)[source]

void TQObject::Emit(const char* signal) void TQObject::Emit<const char >(const char signal, const char*const& arg) void TQObject::Emit<long>(const char* signal, const long& arg) void TQObject::Emit<bool>(const char* signal, const bool& arg) void TQObject::Emit<int>(const char* signal, const int& arg) void TQObject::Emit<unsigned long>(const char* signal, const unsigned long& arg) void TQObject::Emit<TGShutterItem >(const char signal, TGShutterItem*const& arg) void TQObject::Emit<char >(const char signal, char*const& arg)

axes(ndim=1, xlimits=None, ylimits=None, zlimits=None, xbins=1, ybins=1, zbins=1)

Create and return axes on this pad


Recursively find all primities on a pad, even those hiding behind a GetListOfFunctions() of a primitive